Homes Your Way

So, you’ve found just the spot for the home of your dreams. Now what? Come see us! We’ll build your dream home wherever you want with all the amenities that matter most to YOU. Either pick one of our existing models or meet with our design team to design a home that fits your lifestyle! We can even help you find the perfect site if you’re still searching.

Because of the volume of homes we build in a year, we can construct your dream home for less then you think, and meet all your deadlines too! Have a custom Hodorowski-quality home, built your way... on your lot.

If you love your current home, but would like to update things a little, Hodorowski Homes also does full-house renovations.

Whatever your needs and budget are, we would love to meet with you to discuss building your home, your way.


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Building Homes from Modest to Magnificent